Maya LernerSenior VP Product
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Beginning of quote:I’m passionate about connecting users in meaningful ways, and that’s what MyHeritage is all about. End of quote.
Maya leads MyHeritage’s product management and strategy, ensuring that our products are not only powerful but also engaging and user-friendly.

She brings ten years of significant experience in the realm of consumer product management to MyHeritage, having worked in both start-ups and large companies, from I-play (formerly Oberon Media) to Sears, EatWith, and most recently, Playtika, a diverse history that makes her particularly suited to her role at MyHeritage. An expert in the field, she lectures on the topic of interactive product design at the IDC Herzliya, her own alma mater, having graduated from there with a BA in Computer Science. Maya also holds a Masters in Public Administration (MPA) from Cornell University.

Maya has always been fascinated with genealogy and even more so when a documentary was made about her own family history in 2007. Maya also likes photography and cooking, and has combined these hobbies by writing a family cookbook that shares both stories and recipes from her grandparents’ family bakery.